Should kids learn to program?

Image Kids Program Blog Training 3Metas

Image Kids Program Blog Training 3Metas

We live in a world where everything around us is technology. For past generations thinking about all the possibilities we have today, it was so crazy and unthinkable at that time. But everything has changed now, we do not have a choice more than get ready for the future of the society. Our future is kids, we should encourage our kids learn to program. The world is controlled by technology and that is not a secret. We must be prepared to develop new tools and programs. So, should kids learn to program?

Definitely as much younger they are as easier will be the learning process. When you are young and learning how to ride a bike, you fall so many times until, you get it, the same happens when they are learning how to code. They might get wrong and start over again until they figure it out.

Childhood is the best moment in life to learn everything. Kids are like sponges, get all knowledge and produce something with it. Coding requires a lot of problems solving skills and intuition also. If it is true not everybody has the ability, sometimes kids can get it in the process and feel motivated to keep going.

Some people start coding when they are adult, they realize programming is, bored, too hard or it just doesn’t fit with them. If a kid likes technology, it is better to support him. There are specials games designed to teach programming to kids:

  • Robot Turtles, where kids can create their own game boards. They learn how to write a code, debug and use functions.
  • Move the Turtle is an application for iPhone and Android to teach children the basic concepts of programming through graphics.
  • KIBO is a robot kit where kids can build, program, decorate and bring their own robot to life.

Also, kids can learn programming languages like Python, Java or Ruby along with programming concepts. Parents should not be worried to see their kids spending hours and hours in video games, where they actually can find games to learn programming. Programming and computer sciences are very fascinating and it could be absorbing as well. But it is something that everyone has to discover on their own.

There are others projects to motivate kids to play and learn languages.

  • Scratch. Kids can think creatively and work together with an online community. The program their own stories, games and more.
  • Minecraft. This is a game where players can build different kinds of 3D blocks within a large world.
  • Tynker. Children learn programming concepts with a Lego visual language and develop skills too.
  • It is a website dedicated to motivated people to learn technology and be part of it. It has games, exercises, and applications where kids or adult can start to learn how to program.

If you still doubt about how much benefit it is for kids learn how to program, read the following advantages.

  • Education interest. Some schools are integrating computer sciences and technology into the curriculum as an important class. Kids must be learning from such a young age how to program. It could be successful for them.
  • Technology rationalization. Children will base their thoughts on structures and logical knowledge to solve problems.
  • Definitely, this will help kids think in a creative way, “outside the box”. Actually, the solving problem will help kids how to figure it out and be success. Technology makes them grow.
  • Learn how to program for kids, open a lot of doors in the job field. The competition is getting harder and harder every day, knowing how to code would be a great advantage for them. Also, programmers are very well paid, for sure the future is a promise in technology.

Technology is in everything, in social media, bank account, school enrolment, theaters, and movies, in everything. So, learning how this happens should be fun for kids, getting problem-solving and be creative when they develop their own skills.