What do the programmers think?

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Image Programmers Think Blog Training 3Metas

“Programmers who don’t code in their spare time for fun

will never become as good as those that do”

Everything in life has to be in balance and also make you happy. Excess is not good, but if there is something you want to do because you feel the need to do it. That’s another story. According to the affirmation, nothing is a complete truth. Programmers define themselves as in love with technology. For them programming is more than a job, is a way to live. Problem-solving, creating new things, developing new ideas and be part of inventions.

I will say programming is a lifestyle. It becomes part of your daily life but to become an expert or a software developer depends on your work, own progress and how much you wish it. Now if you don’t do anything in your spare time, it doesn’t mean you’ll never become as good as others, that’s a lie. Most of the programmers, as everybody else, have families, hobbies, and live life. We all need to be distracted. Balance is a must.

What is truth then? If you want to become a good programmer, most of the time you have to try things on your own. Have your own goals. Read, research, code, code, and code until you solve it. For sure that will give you exposure and experience because you will have an idea tackling relevant things you have done before. This will make the difference between you and others.

There is not any guide that says what the rules are, what to do or how to follow them. No one has the absolute truth. I think the key to success is a balance. If you are able to balance personal and professional life with the effort you will reach everything you want. Sometimes you need to sacrifice? Yes, sure! But not all your life.

What do you think? What would you recommend for beginners even for those who are already working in the field?