Programming: love it or hate it

Image Love Hate Programming Blog Training 3Metas

Image Love Hate Programming Blog Training 3Metas

Something on our face looks different when we work with no passion. It’s obvious. We do not want to show our disagreement, but people can see it still. Just because there’s not a dream job, we justified it as angry. Then we need to realize what we are doing, is this what we really want? Maybe, not in the right business? Sometimes you don’t have a choice and that’s how it works programming: love it or hate it.

Because programming is passion. It is an energy inside of you that make you feel motivated. First of all, you need to like math. Be good at resolving problems. Therefore coding in different languages to let the computer knows what to do, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Maybe a superhuman brainpower and it could take a lifetime. Programming is not for everyone.

People who love programming actually do it for no pay at all. Of course, programmers live and they need to pay bills like everyone else; but what I really mean is they work with passion as motivation, not money.

Also one of the fantastic things about this technology world is you don’t need to spend a lot of money in a career to get a degree. You can learn on your own. It seems easy to identify a talented person with:

Autodidact to learn to program. Most people have to be curious. Do the research on their own to find an answer. Not waiting for anyone to do it for them. To get a basic level where they can write short programs that work, it can take years of practice. It is impossible to be a programmer by just taking classes or reading books. It must be practiced for hours.

Unlimited persistence. This is the secret of success of any programmer. Be persistence to troubleshoot, fix and develop solutions. Some problems come from nowhere. It could probably take time to find what the problem is about and what the best tool to apply is. Maybe is a very personal quality, and not having a high level of persistence would be enough to turn off most people who don’t have it from the profession.

Math and problem-solving. Definitely, this is all the point of programming. About numbers and problem solving, you must like it. Otherwise, you will have the worst time in your life. Because programming is a lot problem-solving.

Excellent memory. It is important to have a good short memory to balance numbers and be able to go back anytime you need it, even if you did that work one month ago. Specially programmers must manage simultaneous things at the same time on their head.

Design good architecture. Programmers need to understand how to interrelate things and build an almost perfect architecture.

Attention to detail. Pay attention carefully on details. If you mean something, the program could probably will not run because you miss some part of the code.

If you probably are an ambitious person, you better stay away from programming. This is a profession based on passion. Money is not a motivation. If you want to be big, work for it. Don’t let the ambition blow off your mind.

In conclusion, programming is not a job for unsecured people. There is no time for doubts. If you doubt, as a result you will think you have to quit.

Some people with other professions have been exploring as a programmers and they have finally found they liked it at the end. You must be surprised!

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