Is learning computer programming more important than learning English?

Image Program Or English Blog Training 3Metas

Image Program Or English Blog Training 3Metas

It is a public secret for everyone how important is learning English. How much everyone needs it to be able to talk and express themselves around the world. Along with it, the technology has involved us massively making our lives depend on it and make people curious to learn how programming.

Now the big question is: which one is more important than the other? Is there really one more important between these two? We think to learn how to program, you need English. But this analysis came out because recently Tim Cook, the Apple’s CEO, affirmed during an interview with Konbini Francia that “it is more important learn how to program than learn English”.

We believe programming is a universal language, but it is also a special language to make things work properly on computers systems or electronic devices. Today technology is everything. It is all around us. We live connected with each other through technology. We are agreed with it. Sadly all sources and documentation about programming information are all in English. If you don’t know any English, will be arduous.

You could think learning how to program will help you learn English at the same time, and actually, it could work, only in a specific area. You will know terms, meanings and coding language; but will you be able to express yourself and explain how you did what you did to people who don’t have the idea about programming? Yes, math sciences are universal but not everyone speaks the same language. Let’s say we believe more on integral education.

Cook declared that programming should be taught in every public world school and not be considered it an ability that requires a specialization. Definitely, the technology will be the future and demands more and more people available to work as a developer. If the schools start from an early age catching brilliant minds to develop technologies it would be a lot easier to get them prepare since they are young, so companies can hire them in the future. “It is not only for who study computer’s sciences, it is for everyone“. Tim Cook

“Programming is a universal language”. Tim Cook

We believe currently there is a need for schools to adapt the education system to the present time. English is as much important as programming is. If both are taught hand by hand at the same time, will be a safe harbor to success for people at such young age.

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